Welcome to Nakuru Defluoridation Company Ltd

How long does the filter material last?

We suggest a safe period of 6 months for household filters after which monitoring should commence; monitoring is a process of taking a sample of water to the laboratory for analysis as fluoride cannot be detected through sight, smell or taste

What is fluoride and is it the same as chlorine?

Fluoride is a soluble salt that occurs naturally in ground water, the world health organization recommends 1.5mgF/L and below in cooking and drinking water. Chlorine is NOT the same as Fluoride. Chlorine is a poisonous green element that has a pungent and disagreeable odour in the air while fluoride has neither taste, colour nor smell.

Can bone char be made from bones of other animals?

Yes, but we restrict ourselves to cow, goat, sheep and camel bones for consumption purposes.

Can we get these defluoridation filters from the supermarket?

No, but we are planning to open new sales centre country wide. Our sales office headquarters is in Nakuru. For further clarification please send us your concerns through our feedback system

Can you remove fluoride by boiling water?

No, this is because fluoride behaves like salt in water, when boiled it only saturates further.

Does the defluoridation filters reverse the already brown teeth.

No, defluoridation filters are preventive measures but not curative. If one is already affected by fluorosis, and starts to use the filters, further destruction of the teeth will stop.

Can one inherit fluorosis?

No, it is purely a medical condition caused by taking high levels of fluoride in drinking water.

Does rain water have fluoride?

No, rain water does not contain fluoride, unless in heavily industrialized areas where cases of industrial pollution can lead to traces of fluoride in the air.

What types of bones do use to produce the filter material?

Cow, goat, sheep and camel bones.

Can bone char get expired in the shelves?

No, as long as they are kept dry.

What are the side effects of using bone char?

Current research has shown none.

Are there other methods of fluoride removal?

Yes, but the commonly used in Kenya are the bone char, activated alum and reverse osmosis.

Is rickets skeletal fluorosis?

No, but skeletal fluorosis has similar indicators as rickets.

Where else can we access bone char in the country except Nakuru?

Currently, we only have production of bone char in Nakuru.

Where are you located?

We are situated 3km from nakuru town, off the nakuru-Nairobi road, next to St. Mary's Pastoral Centre. Click here to see map of directions

Does water guard remove fluoride?

No, it is used for killing micro-organisms in water.

Does the fluoride in the toothpaste cause fluorosis?

Research indicates that only when fluoride is ingested in amounts exceeding 1.5mgF/L does it become a medical concern that may result in fluorosis.