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The workshop targeted stakeholders in the water sector. Specifically, the workshop addressed water pollution, water quality standards, fluoride and the attendant fluorosis as well as mitigation efforts. Different defluoridation and water filtration methods were also discussed. the workshop concluded by spelling out specific steps that could be taken to address the overall topic of water quality in Kenya. Download the presentations from the workshop here at a small fee of 200$ — Topic: Fluoride, Fluorosis and Defluoridation by CDN Water Quality Programme — Topic: Water Pollution Effects by Mr. Julius Kabubi — Topic: Water Quality Interventions by Mr. Julius Kabubi — Topic: Water History and Sanitation by Mr. Julius Kabubi
The following organizations were represented in the workshop — Hydro-Option Limited — Catholic Diocese of Nakuru — CDN Water Quality Programme — Catholic Diocese of Embu — Catholic Diocese of Ngong — Catholic Diocese of Nyeri — Caritas Nyeri — Nyeri Water & Sanitation Co. — Embu Water & Sanitation Co. — Muranga Water & Sanitation Co. — Tetu-Aberdare Water & Sanitation Co. — Ministry of Public Health & Sanitation — Ministry of Water & Irrigation — Water Resource Management Authority — Kenyatta University — Moi University - Dept. of Civil Engineering — Kenya Bureau of Standards — National Environment Management Authority — Tana Water Services Board — Machunguru Water Project - Laikipia — Sis Jane Wambugu - Rumuruti Mission School