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Hygiene promotion, often delivered together with improved water supply and sanitation, is a key component of intervention programmes which aim to reduce the burden of diarrheal diseases in developing countries. The main causes of child mortality in these countries are respiratory infections and the diarrheal diseases, both of which are preventable by proper hand washing with soap.
Hand washing with soap is a high impact, low cost effective health intervention which besides reducing the incidences of diarrhea and acute respiratory infections maximizes on the health benefits of investments in water supply and sanitation infrastructure.
Washing hands with water and soap at the right/critical times can reduce instances of diarrhea by 35–50 percent. Evidence also suggests it can reduce acute respiratory infections (ARIs) by 30 percent. To champion this noble course, CDN carries out hygiene and sanitation programme targeting the children, caregivers and policy makers.
CDN IS  committed, as part of its hygiene promotion strategy, to partner with PARTNERS, to increase the good habit of hand washing with soap to reduce child mortality and change the behavior of 1 Billion people by 2030.

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