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Nakuru Defluoridation Co. Ltd. (CDN WQP) has implemented most of the remote filters in Baringo district in areas without communal water supply system. A baseline study in 2005 on the severity of dental fluorosis concluded that between 52% and 93% of the pupils of 11 different schools were affected by dental fluorosis. The company therefore currently focuses on implementing remote community filters in areas of similar conditions. The inhabitants source their drinking water either from Lake Baringo or from groundwater that is pumped with a hand pump. The lake water is highly contaminated with fluoride, microorganisms and has elevated turbidity. The companyhas developed a special filter design that:

• enables the treatment of such highly turbid water without clogging

• reduces not only fluoride but also microbiological contaminants and problems related to elevated turbidity.

• can be used discontinuously. Whenever raw water is added to the filter, treated water can be withdrawn instantaneously.

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