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CDN Water Supply Programme was established by the Diocese in 1985 after a severe drought in 1984, which devastated 75% of the then Catholic Diocese of Nakuru. Currently the Programme provides professional water services within the Catholic dioceses of Nakuru and Kericho and anywhere else that its services may be required within the country. The programme is also involved in providing water services in Southern Sudan. Community Water Point Community Water Tank Community Water Kiosk

Key Objectives

CDN Water Programme ascribes to the Diocesan Vision and Mission and has the following broad objectives: - — To improve the living conditions of the people in rural areas by assisting various self help groups in their struggle to get safe water for domestic, livestock and agricultural use through drilling of boreholes and equipping them, construction of small scale gravity and pumping schemes, installation of hand pumps in shallow wells and rainwater harvesting structures — To mobilize communities and initiate water committees on organization and management skills and impart knowledge to empower them run and manage their projects. — To create awareness in all communities towards water quality, health and hygiene, group dynamics, social harmony, sanitation and conservation of environment. — To train selected community members on basic technical skills in an effort to make them capable of maintaining their water supply systems in order to sustain them. To achieve the above objectives, CDN Water Programme has 3 implementing sections. These are Water Drilling, Water Supplies and Water Quality Sections.