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Nakuru defluoridation Co Ltd,(CDN WQP) has implemented different types of community filters in the past. Some community-based filters are connected to the water supply system, others operate discontinuously. The scale of implementation ranges from 650 L tanks to large water work plants with a capacity of treating 200 m3 of water per day. The company distinguishes three different community-based filters:

• Community filters: These filters are designed to supply 1’000 to 5’000 people with water for drinking and cooking. They are suitable for places, where the users collect their water at a central water point. There are two different designs of community filters. One is connected to the water supply system and one is specially designed for remote areas without a water supply system. The main activities on community-based defluoridation are currently on the training and the implementation of such remote community filters. 

• Filters for water works: The filters for water works are similar to the institutional or community filters but consist of two or more of the larger units that are coupled in series. The working principles are the same but the filters are modified for a higher loading. For more information, kindly please get in touch with us through info@cdnwaterquality.co.ke

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