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stainlesscombined filter

The household filters are designed to supply a household (5-12 persons) with water containing low fluoride concentrations for drinking and cooking purposes. Our recently developed filter design removes not only fluoride but also bacteria. CDN WQ has developed and sold different types of household units in the past. Currently two different household filter designs are available: A simple defluoridation bucket filled with bone char and a combined filter system that removes microbiological contamination, heavy metals and fluoride. We have various sizes of household filters to fit the whole family. The defluoridation only filters:   —   20 litre defluoridation only filter   —   80 litre defluoridation only filter and the combined bacteria and defluoridation filters: — 20 litre combined defluoridation and bacteria filter24 litre combined defluoridation and bacteria filter34 litre combined defluoridation and bacteria filter

Mobile 0721 497429, 0732 547402for more information:   CDN’s defluoridation experiences on a household scale