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Operation and Maintenance

The customers are instructed to use the defluoridation unit as follows:

• Before the purchase of a filter, the fluoride concentration of the raw water is measured to check the necessity of treatment. Fluoride testing at CDN WQ costs 100 KES (1.4 USD). Estimations of the lifespan of the filter can be made based on the fluoride concentration of the raw water, the water consumption and the adsorption capacity of the bone char (~ 2 mg F/g bone char according to Albertus et al (2000)).

• The first few batches of treated water need to be discarded due to elevated turbidity and color in the treated water, deriving from the bone char.

• The water level in the bucket should never drop below the level of the bone char to avoid the filter medium from drying up. If the bone char is left dry, the adsorption capacity of the medium will decrease due to inhomogeneous loading of the filter.

• 20 min of contact time is necessary to guarantee efficient fluoride removal.

• The water is drained through a perforated PVC tap at the bottom of the bucket.

• After ~ 6 months (depending on the above mentioned estimation) a water sample needs to be sent/brought to CDN WQ for fluoride analysis. If the fluoride concentration exceeds 1.5 mg/L the saturated filter medium has to be replaced at CDN WQ. The saturated bone char is regenerated at the working sitact us through this email e of CDN WQ (see “Draft of CDN’s experiences in producing bone char”).

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